About Our Master Resale & Private Label Rights Products

For the most part the majority of our products come with a sales ready salespage and graphics, you upload the folder to your web host account and use this sales page to resell the product to your customer, or if you choose to use a content management system or store software you would normally copy some of the info from the sales page and use it as a description for your listing, we recommend that you rephrase the descriptions and salespages completely to avoid duplicate content issues with your google ranking factors of your Website.

For products that come without any salespage we recommend you create your own salespage or description after reviewing the product. You can also create your own snapshots of product by using "print screen" on you keyboard or get a graphic done for you.

Many of our products can be bundled into unique packages, you should always make sure you follow by the license conditions in the file of the product to avoid complaints or worse any legal action against your Business.

Resell Rights License Types

There are many types of license types the 4 main ones are:

Resell Rights:  Allows you to Resell the product to your customer for their personal (non resale) use only!

Master Resell Rights: Allows you to Resell the product and pass on Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights, these conditions would be present in your products license file.

Private Label Rights: This allows you to alter the product and maybe even claim authorship or brand it as your own.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights: This allows you to call it your own and do with it whatever your desire including alter the contents or license permissions etc.

Many of the products we offer are Transferable Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights both Restricted and Unrestricted.

If you have any questions about the product you bought or wanting to buy from us please contact us using the contact form on theis website.



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