Discover How to Build a Passive Income-Generating, Traffic-Building, Reputation-Creating Membership Website In 6 EASY Steps!


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I’m not going to beat around the bush, if you want to make REAL money online here are six reasons why you absolutely need to start your own membership website TODAY:


1.    Generate Passive Income

Membership websites offer the ability to greatly increase your passive income because your customers will be coming back to you again and again. Not only are you building that all important trust with your customers but when they see that you have recommended something they are going to be far more likely to check it out and actually buy it.


2.    Increase Traffic

With a membership site you have far greater potential for repeat traffic. Consider for a moment how many times you have ever returned to visit a thank you page. The answer is probably never and that is precisely what you can expect when you try to sell products without using a membership site.

While people may not return to a thank you page, if you provide enough high quality, relevant and helpful content and products on your membership site you can rest assured that people will come back. The key is to make sure that you give them a reason to come back and that can be accomplished through articles, perhaps a blog, new products, etc.


3.    Build Your Reputation

One of the most critical factors to succeeding online is being able to establish your reputation and few things do that as well as membership websites. If you have a membership site for whatever niche that you happen to be in people will naturally perceive you to have more knowledge about that particular niche than John Doe who is just selling another ebook. In this manner, it makes it possible for your site to become an authority site. That is simply something that you cannot establish with just a thank you page or a sales page.


4.    Build Relationships with Customers

Running a membership site also offers another distinct advantage in that it allows you to establish a real relationship with your customers. You’ll have them coming to you again and again for essential information. They will come to trust and respect you. Plus, looking at it a completely different way, what happens when you have a subscriber list and all you are doing is sending out emails or newsletters? There is a good chance that at least a percentage of those subscribers are going to be lost through the opt-out or unsubscribe option. With a membership website, your customers would actually have to go to the website to opt-out instead of just clicking on a link that’s right in front of them – meaning they are more likely to stay members.


5.    Improve Security

Another key advantage of the membership site is that it allows you to have far better security. It is much more difficult for someone to break into a membership site than it is for them to hack into your thank you page and then proceed to download your product without paying for it.


6.    Easier Bonus Delivery

Finally, it is also much easier to deliver additional bonuses or whatever you want to deliver at a later point to customers with a membership website. Unfortunately, what some people try to do is simply deliver their product through email and then toss in a line telling the customer that they can also download a bonus. If you have a membership website you have the opportunity to send out an email and request that the customer log into their member area to download the brand new bonus that you have uploaded just for them as a way to say thank you for being a customer.

See how much more personal this is and how much easier it is to customize this type of message? When they do log in to the member area they will also be able to see links to other products that you have posted as well as links to other sites that you may have and practically anything else you wanted to put there. This is an excellent way to earn some passive income!  

So Are You Convinced Yet That You Need to Start a Membership Site? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO … Because They Are Profit Goldmines!

So now the question becomes how do you do it? Well, luckily for you, I have written a complete guide that tells you how to have your very own membership website up and running and earning profits in six easy steps.

Introducing the “Membership Site Quick Start Guide”!

Get this concise but informative guide today and you will learn:


·        How to price your site for maximum membership … as well as maximum profits!

·        One of the biggest mistakes beginning online marketers make and how to avoid it and ensure you start your membership site off on the right – and profitable – foot!

·        How to choose a red-hot niche for your membership site!

·        How to develop the winning mindset you need to run a profitable membership site!

·        How to develop a unique understanding of the marketplace and then use that understanding to explode your profits and traffic!

·        The SINGLE BEST WAY to build a membership site from scratch!

·        The three main stages of building a membership site and how to excel at each of them!

·        How to build interest in your membership site and have prospects clamoring to join BEFORE it is even launched!

·        How to use affiliates to make sure your membership site launch is an amazing success!

·        Why server and hosting will play a crucial role in the success or failure of your membership site!

·        One of the most crucial things you can do to help ensure success once your membership site goes live!

·        Once your membership site is launched, how to grow it to higher and higher levels of success! 

·        And much, much more!


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Here is the Bottom Line …

As you can hopefully see by this point, starting a membership website really is a good opportunity to obtain repeat traffic for your website while also increasing your conversion rate and building your reputation, not to mention your income.

There are many opportunities and advantages associated with running a membership website. That’s why I urge you to make it your goal to start a membership site this year.

It doesn’t really matter what it is that you decide to sell, whether it is an ebook or software or something else. There is a huge amount of profit potential available through membership websites … and it has never been easier to get started thanks to the “Membership Site Quick Start Guide”!

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