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Introducing Membership Site Script Pro The All In One Website Management Software designed to save you time and effort and increase Your Business Profits!

php member management script
Back in 2010 I bought PLR Rights to what used to be called Membership Site Script, it had many errors I spent time and money to get the errors fixed.
Over time I had ideas to make this PHP Membership Site Script the best PHP Script money can buy. Well after 6 years of coding in my spare time I can say I am happy of the end result.
Let me tell you something, I like to keep things simple! This website Management script is not the best looker, it's not bad either but however I have found you don't need a very pretty website to make sales and become a powerful Marketer you should just write a highly responsive sales letter.
This is what makes this website script great. It is built for Sales letter writing, there is no tricky flash menus or image sliders, just plain down to earth Powerfully robust and simple.
But how can this script be so powerful you may ask if then what you may have learnt about SEO ranking and Monetising Business websites requires flashy responsive (make the owner feel good) websites that many times have troubles converting the bulk of visitors into clients!
Well keeping it simple allows for the freedom to manouver your website in different directions for testing, as an example lets say you had no idea that sales letters are a great way to create sales, So you spent $10,000 on perfect looking website. This strategy does not give flexibility to improve and use the best marketable methods to attract sales.
Of course you have the option to keep spending money to your web designers (that may not know how to convince visitors into buyers) to update your website with your ideas but at the end of the day you may have your wheels spinning in the same spot for quite a long time and not going no where..
But why else do you need this website management script? well the truck load of time and money saving features, the simplicity but ability to take full control of your Marketing streams of income with full affilliate product and online store management, the uniqueness and of course the resell rights to sell the script and keep 100% of the profits for yourself starting today!
But do not fear in case you wont be able to afford the amount I am asking for it! if this is the case I recommend my other script PLR Script which was where the multi functional website idea started using the Membership Site Script. The PLR Membership Script unlike this Membership Site Script Pro uses the same base platform but with, wordpress and a popular free eccommerce online store software. I added the three together in a one easy to use script and made PLR Script.
To purchase PLR Script instead goto:
Membership Site Script Pro on the other hand however is the newer advanced method for online Membership, Store and content management.
Just know I spent close to $1500 & over 500 Hours of testing, fixing errors and adding new features to this script that makes it 100% unique!
Also Remember you can join us as an free affiliate to resell our script and get 50% commission for a successful sale.
After 6 years of coding my brain out in my spare time I feel this is a great offer for someone who wants to sell high end resell rights membership script or for someone that just needs a powerful website Membership Management script.
Remember with the Membership Site Script Pro :
  1. you don't need to know web design to change the look of your website
  2. you don't need to pay $20/ Month on Autoresponder email Management services to keep your Email Marketing active
  3. you don't need to worry about manual link building and manually submitting posts on your social media. The built in social submitter will do it for you when you add a new page or product to the store!
  4. you don't need to read complicated user manuals to know how to manage your admin / website store features. everything is simple, self explained and user friendly
  5. you dont need to wait 6 years like I have to own a powerful Website Management & Marketing Software to help you grab every bit of leverage you can get for profitable direct online marketing and Membership Management ease!


With that said just know that you only get what you pay for! you can spend $1000+ on a similar script but I can guarantee you will not be legally licensed to 100% Royalty Free Profits For Life from selling the script for yourself!!

Other scripts may look nicer with flashy admin bells and whistles and may have some unique features too but it most likely wont be as user friendly! you will not have the option to create Membership Website with ease like you can with Membership Site Script Pro! And of course you will not have the right to resell it as a steady source of income for your Business.

This is a real opportunity! Not a run of the mill Resell Rights Membership Script product created for the thrill of making a few bucks on the side with important features left out due to cheap Project attitude. I have left absolutely nothing out and you can check the Demo Script for yourself to see how simple but powerful your website Management tasks will be.

I could fill up this page with hundreds and hundreds of specific features about Membership Site Script Pro but this will be a little time consuming for you to read, so from the top of my head here are the Top time and effort saving features this All In One Website Membership Management Script has
ok here are most of the top features for the script including:
  • Easily Modify the Default Website Template using 1 click options from the Template Theme Editor..(choose colors, fonts, website width, background image, border and border shade thickness, square or rounded corners, with side navigation panels or have navs on top menu bar without)
  • Use the Superfast Built in Blogging Platform to post Articles in Different Categories of your Choice..
  • List Digital Products for sale in different Categories of your choice (Categories are viewable from the front of the website..)
  • Give Affiliates and Members free or paid access to custom training and pages through the custom pages creator that uses the default theme to give only that type of Member or Affiliate Access to it..
  • Give Affiliates Unique Live Traffic, commissions and referral sign up Statistics to each and every product listed by your Membership Site so they can Manage their promotions Live as they happen and easily decide which ones are worth the trouble to advertise and which are not..
  • 2 level Affiliate program to let affiliates advertise the products as well as the affiliate program and get paid defined 2nd level commissions made from affiliates refered sales
  • Offer One Time Offers to Email Subscribers, Shopping Cart, Product Sales pages and Membership Level type purchaser's..( this system allows you to show 3 one time offers , in sequence 1.2.3 shown if member selects "NO THANKS" before displaying the downloads and thankyou message) as well as a single one time offer to members when they log in to their account!
  • Mail out upgrade offers to members and let them upgrade without the hassel of having to log into their account
  • Mobile friendly design so mobile device users n Android , iphone's or ipads can read what your about without the hassel of hard to read pages. (Also display a "pop up message" to mobile device visitors to ask them to install your uploadable icon on their home screen for easy access to your website next time that acts as a quick access app). 
  • Easily Manage Member details including giving or revoking access to Products and Membership Levels..
  • Automatically activate Member and Product Purchaser accounts, with instant downloads available on the thankyou for sign up page on return from paypal..
  • Mass mail your Members and Affiliates using the Mass mail feature..
  • Manage Email Marketing Lists with the built in Auto Response Mail Manager that automates the proccess of email Marketing for you.., and mass mail email Marketing Lists without the use of automated responses for live updates to subscribers whenever you want to send
  • Use Unique Graphical Templates instead of the default website Template for increased sales on One Time Offers, Upgrades, and Unique Affiliate Products sales pages.
  • Paypal Mass Affiliate Payment feature, one click and pay all your affiliates.
  • process Member and Product access through Paypal and Clickbank processors
  • Simple Browser based installation!
  • Resale Rights to our Membership Site Script Pro Script so you can sell it and keep 100% sales profits for yourself!
  • Automatic sitemap.xml page creation and updates everytime you add anew product or page to your website. (with auto ping Google, Bing & Yahoo about your new pages)
  • Automatic Social networks bookmarking on product listing or page creation! This will leave a backlink to your product or page on your Social network account. Currently Supports: Twitter(with Image posting), Facebook(Profile and Fan page wall), (Blog), Instapaper,,!
  • Shopping cart for all your products listed in your store categories (Adds Quantity total for checkout)
  • All the SEO Meta tags for Search Engine Listing or NO INDEX (to keep it off the search listings) , as well as HrefLang tags for better national search engine listing on google
  • Keep product downloads categorized in their unique category for easy access to different category downloads
  • Add new pages to your website areas as well as new pages for member level type members (Also with drip feed allowing you to pre design content access distribution over time as their member access stays active)
  • Hidden Downloads Url's and the download folder is not on the Public HTML folder for maximum security.
  • Drip feed Downloads to also spread out the download cycle as they keep membership active.
  • Display unique thank you for purchasing messages after returning from paymrnt and use ~TAGS~ to mention the members name , product purchased, price etc to deliver a more customised thank you message.
  • Easily create your Database backup at the click of a mouse just in case something goes wrong!
  • Limit Member logins per different  I.P. address per day and option to suspend or temporily block Member if they go over the limit
  • View the latest Product and Membership Order's displayed on the home page of the admin once logged in showing: customer name, address details, products & quantities ordered, shipping type used such as regular mail or courier, amount payed for shipping so you can manage your store product sales and delivery with confidence!
  • List Products in the store with product options as optional when adding to cart! This allows you to give the customer different options for the product type like, color, size, Specific/ Upgrade download file type, quality type or even bundle quantities of the product for bigger discounts but bigger profits for you. You can list unlimited product options for each product type. 
  • Let your customers leave you star rated product reviews and display star rating averages on product listings, this will help you gain customer confidence as well as have star rated google listings shown on google search as the review system uses schema to have search engines recognize review totals, review averages etc.
  • Use any of the hundreds of different Google Fonts availlable for your Heading, Slogan & Body Font type settings. Simply visit the Google fonts website in the link provided and copy the font name and css code into the field Settings for Awsome Fonts to reflect the theme of your website. 
  • Live traffic statistics totals for the day and total all time totals for all store products, store categories and blog post's listed in your website.
  • Manage refund requests with the Refund Manager that allows you to view the customers Guarantee Date expiry so you can judge whether or not to allow a refund. As well as send an email notification to the referring affiliate about the unfortunate refund if the sale was a referred sale from one of your affiliates. 
  • Let's customers Search for prducts in the store front using the Product keyword search option where it will search through, Title, Description, meta Tags and Keywords for appropriate search results
  • and much much much more!

I'm so confident the Membership Site Script Pro will be the best thing that happened to your Business by making website Managment tasks like set up and maintenance a simple task.

You will be setting up your Membership Site on the fly, as well as starting your very own high end Membership Script Business in just minutes from now with the included Resell Rights License I willl pass onto you!

This has been a massive project I have spent hundreds of hours and over $1000 adding new features and fixing codes. This is not just some bogus attempt to take your hard earned money and have nothing to show for!

This is the opposite to that as you will be the proud owner of a Unique Membership Site Script that has everything you need to run, Manage and profit from your online website Business in a few easy steps.


Purchase with confidence today for just..

One Payment





Unfortunately this is not a joke!! I have spent the last 6 years updating this script in my spare time and I would like to make my money back for both money and time spent on the project!


Yes! Send me this Product right now!

I Understand: That I'll have the Membership Site Script Pro Product Package completely as promised and any files (if applicable) will be available to me in Download format immediately after I purchase safely through Paypal for just $1,497.00 $1,347.30

I Understand I Must: Verify the confirmation email by clicking the link in the email you will send to the email I joined with before download link will work on thankyou page on return from paypal once payment is complete otherwise I can Log in and download my product after I verify my email address anytime after purchase. (Also Please check your Junk Mail if email does not arrive)

                Click The Add To Cart Button To Order

Payments Processed Securely through Paypal, Credit Cards Accepted Through Paypal Processor

P.S. Just like when you buy a car or a Business you have to invest money! With this investment you will be able to make your money back after just 1 sale of the Membership Site Script Pro and profit for the rest of your life without having to reinvest in product creation as this is digital and Royalty Free for life!

P.P.S. If you have any Questions please email me to or use the contact form on the website, remember.. at this price you dont have to wait 6 years like I have to own the best Membership Management script with resale rights..I hope you trust your insticts and learn to Manage your risks with this golden opportunity.

check out the demo at


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(just note that I have restricted the access to 3 Pages! Admins, Login Logs, settings page and downloads page because of security threats)

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