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Amazing Turnkey Software allows you to go from Beginner to Pro in little time and minimum effort with a High quality resale rights system done for you!

Imagine that in a few hours time your Turnkey Business is live and running and showing everyone how to rake in the dollars even if you are just humble beginner with no experience!

With The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit you can Start easily with everything prepared for you, and with Master Resell Rights to legally resell our system to other's for 100% Royalty Free Profits For Life there is no better way to Earn while you Learn!

From the office of: Xavier Barroso
Date: 3rd of December, 2016

Dear friend,

Have you thought of starting an Internet based Business but lack in knowledge and experience on how or where to start?

Have you been trying to start an Internet Business but you find you're back in the same place you where when you started or maybe even worse? confused?

Finally working online from home has become easy with:
The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit

You'll be amazed by what the Home Business Starter Kit can provide you with

  • Are you looking for a Turnkey System that even beginners can use to start making online profits with?

  • Are you looking for a quality Business Opportunity that will have Real Impact on your potential customers?

  • Do you want a Business system that save's you a huge amount of Time and Money?

  • If you answered YES you are in for a treat, for the last 14 Months I have been working on a solution for the hopeful Internet Home Business Starter, with many Online Marketers not making enough money online I new what was need is a newbie proof master resell rights package that was sure to sell.

    The package comes with high quality powerful step by step video tutorial products with Master Resell Rights which you can use to learn from and also resell to your customers and keep 100% of the profits.

    The high quality training and products are good enough for even expert Marketers, and if your a newbie you are going to just love the content so much and the possibilities you will take away today!

    here is what you can expect:

                tick Save 1000's of dollars and crucial time from outsourcing and doing the work yourself

                tick Unlimited earning potential

                tick Ongoing email and technical support (if needed)

                tick Learn Internet Marketing skills at your own pace whilst having a high quality system up and running ready to accept customers and make you those long awaited sales

    When I started my Business online it took me a while to get used to things but once I was confident with technical stuff like installing scripts, web hosting account's and making sales etc I decided to create this turnkey system with a newbie friendly Turnkey package.

    You may think you need experience with things like web design, programming, graphics design, script Installations etc..

    But NO You Don't!

    This turnkey ebook Business is designed to get your Business up and ready in just hours not days, weeks or months no matter what level skills you have!

    Gone are the days when starting an online Business would take beginners months and maybe years to set up a powerful profiting system. I now hand over to you the result of over 14 months of long hard work and preparation saving you months of tedious work doing it yourself.

    Here are some of the Powerful Features you get with The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit system

           tick High Quality Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights Products 

           tick Powerful Internet marketing resources including video's, audio's, software, ebooks, php scripts & Reports

           tick Built in email list managing auto-responder program (To help you stay in contact with your customers)

           tick Built in affiliate member management system to let affiliates promote your products for you

           tick Included Pre-made graphics & sales pages for reselling the products

           tick Provide Instant access to your customers downloads after secure payment through Paypal

    My mission is to get you to reselling ebooks & resell rights products so with our Membership Management Software you will have the best method to manage your resell rights product site starting today.

    My Story: Why did I Spend So Much Time & Money on This Project?

    2 Years ago I decided to start my Online Business venture, I had practically no experience and couldn't copy & paste if I wanted to. Anyway I decided to buy some info-products with resell rights (digital products with a legal license to resell them).

    I was very exited with my new goals but little did I know that I was in for a long road ahead! It wasn't until my 5th month that I made a sale but shortly after that things went better.

    After some trial and error I finally got some cashflow coming in so I decided to create a system that would help people who were like me and needed to learn the basics and have a turnkey system to cut the start up time dramatically.

    Being kinda fussy for top quality I Really wouldn't settle for anything but the best for my customers so for months I created this system and constantly tweaked, changed and experimented until I was finally happy with it.

    The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit

    With The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit you can start your very own info-product ebook store/ membership website in just a few easy steps. The system has everything you could possibly need to run your own info-product enterprise and take on the big boys.

    This is not just some pretty sales page with a bunch a low quality products to go with it! Our system comes prepared for you with the highest quality master resell rights & private label rights products.

    Resell Rights 101 - What are Resell Rights Products?

    Resell Rights are a license that come with a the purchase of a resell rights product, this info-product could be an ebook, video, audio, software or article. Resell Rights vary a little so this is the basic run down of each;

    Resell Rights: Allows you the right to sell that product for a profit margin that can be specified in the license and keep 100% of the profits for yourself;

    Master Resell Rights: Allows you the right to sell the product for 100% profit and lets you pass on the resell rights license to your customer, so they too can resell this product.

    Private Label Rights: Allows you the rights to modify the content and put your name as the author of the ebook or use it to make other ebooks as well as resell rights and master resell rights so you can do what you want with it.

    Giveaway Rights: Allows you to give the product away for free.

    In this collection of info-products you will find products with master resell rights, products with private label rights to re-brand and call your own and products to give away.

    Easy duplication is the best method to start profiting today!

    This system comes with master resell rights which means you will be able to sell our system to others. What better way to start a Business than to be able to have all the tools needed and offer them to people to start, run & profit from it for themselves.

    You can stop looking for The Ultimate Home Business for you have found it with your very own turnkey membership website software & high quality products to sell along with it.

    Here are just some of the Resell Rights Products included; Remember....You will have Instant Access to all these and more when you join today.

    So what are some things you can do with The Ultimate Home business Starter Kit System?

            tick Sell Membership Access to Resell Rights ebook, Software Downloads!

    tick Sell the products from their high quality pre made sales page website templates
      tick Use private label rights products to modify and create your own published tutorials

      tick Build a unique following of subscriber's using the built in email list mailing Manager and start publishing newsletters for email marketing campaigns

      tick Start an ebook store and sell individual ebooks, software, scripts and products for 100% Royalty free profits

      tick Build confidence in visitors by offering them access to Free Members Downloads Area

      tick Get straight to work promoting your business without having to create a single thing
      Offer Jv Partnerships (swap) access to the members area in return for outsourcing work, products or systems you need or want (limitless opportunities here)

      tick Advertise your affiliate program on or other affiliate directories and make your promotional efforts a walk in the park

      tick Learn Internet Marketing skills and strategies at your own pace whilst your turnkey system is up and working for you 24/7 from day 1 bringing you fresh leads, customers and sales even without experience.

      tick Target the biggest money spending niche in history "Marketing Newbies or beginners" and offer them this turnkey quick start system which was specifically designed for people with zero experience

    If you are new to Internet Based Business and want to start a Turnkey Business that will save you time, money and headache's in the proccess then The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit System is worth seriously considering.

    What type of people will be interested in starting The Ultimate Home Business Starter kit?

    The great thing about The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit is that it is flexible enough to meet the requirements of both Beginners and Experienced Marketers.

    Our System is based on a done for you High Quality Resell Rights platform so beginners can use it to set up the system selling to anyone from beginners to professionals looking to resell and everyone in between.

    One Million people everyday join the Internet in one way or another, this means that there is a virtual gold mine of people looking for knowledge, support and short cuts to starting a profitable Business online and The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit provides it.

    Being that this figure is so high you can understand why professional marketers will love this turnkey system as it is perfect for the humble newbie.

    Here is a list of the type of people that would most likely join:

           tick  Beginners wanting to learn the technical aspects to starting an Internet Business quickly

           tick  People that want to save time, money and headaches

    tick  People Interested in only committing to less than 1 hour work per day

    tick  People interested in providing others with a solid Business Opportuinity they can easily do with NO Experience

    tick  People that like getting real value for money

    tick  People that like opportunities with massive potential

    tick  People that are looking to grow their income and start a home based Business fast
    tick  People that want to expand their knowledge and develop their Business mindset

    By starting your Business with The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit Today you will be saving a huge amount of time and physical effort!

    In just hours from now; YES, Hours! Your very own profitable info-product Membership Site will be ready to accept orders and process sales automatically. All is left to do is to start advertising to start getting the word out there and receive members.

    Remember..You also get master resell rights to our advanced "Membership Site Script Pro" Software plus this exact turnkey sales page

    Thats not all!
    Everything is waiting for you in the downloads area. You will have instant access to everything straight after payment.

    Only one thing can give you more confidence for you to Start Today and that is to offer you some special bonuses just for saying

    If you respond Immediately you'll also receive the following:

    Bonus #1 53 Ready To Go Newsletter Emails value: $97

    Now you can  stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis with this Pre-Made Internet Marketing Newsletter series! With it you will be able to start & grow your relationship with newsletter subscribers and stand out as a professional in the Internet Marketing Niche. 

    The Newsletters give the readers hint's and tips about Internet Marketing in many important areas. The First 12 issues come with a free report and ebook download.

    Click here to view Newsletter Examples  

    Bonus #2 Internet Business Guide value: $47

    With The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit "Internet Business Guide" you will have all the information you need to know what it will take for you to succeed as an Internet Based Business.

    Included are ways run your Business successfully without Seo and Google Ranking, how to create killer Sales letters, what you need to make sure your affiliate program is a success and much more. This is a quality ebook I personally wrote for you to help you grow into a better Internet Business Manager.. Total Pages 40.

    Click Here To View Sales Page


    Bonus #3 Beginner Friendly Video Tutorials value: $127

    In this Video tutorial series I will guide you by the hand and show you step by step how to set up your Business in a few easy steps even if you have zero experience in setting up websites and management systems! I start from the very basics and show you:

    Registering Your Domain Name With Web Hosting

    In this short video I will show you how to easily purchase your domain name with web hosting.

    Introduction To cPanel And How To Use It

    Here I will show you everything you need to know for your cpanel which is used for all the background tasks like:

      Setting up your email from your newly registered domain name.

      How to set up a MySQL Database for your Membership and website script

      How to use your file Manager to upload, download, copy, move and edit files

      How to install a cron job for database updates and clean ups

      How to install wordpress using the quick install feature available in your cpanel area

      How to use phpmyadmin for searching or editing data and tables for your database

      Where to go for website statistics like most popular pages, most frequent ip address, visitor statistics, popular downloads etc

    How To Install Your Membership Site Script

    In this video I will show you step by step how to install your Membership Site Script for your website.

    Membership Script Settings

    Here I show you the basics to your Membership Site Script and the essential settings.


    Bonus #4
    CD Cover, Flyer & Postcard Templates value: $238

    We have put together some advertisements for you. All you have to do is add your website address on the bottom and print them out.

    Click here to view Templates

    Matching graphical banners, Optin box & Membership Cards value: $297

    I have included a theme matching banner's, optin box and membership cards to make it more appealing to your customers. Here are the examples below.

    Click Here To View Animated Banners

    Click here to view membership cards & optin box

    Bonus #6
    Tropical Web Site Theme Template with Matching graphical banners, Optin box & Membership Cards value: $347

    After a while with this web site theme you may decide to freshen up the look and use a new theme. I have included a template theme which you can use to give your website a different look. Here are the examples below.

    Click here to view template

    Click here to view animated banners

    Click here to view membership cards & optin box

    Bonus #7 Email Optin Squeeze Page Templates & Video Squeeze Template with Turnkey videos value: $228

    squeeze heading
    With these squeeze page templates you will be able to offer your visitors subscription to your free home Business Guide (ebooks included). By offering visitors a free reports or guide you will have far more chance's to create sales from the trust they will build with you.

    Squeeze Page Template #1
    Click Here to View Real Template

    Squeeze Page Template #2
    Click Here to View Real Template

    Video Squeeze Page Template #1
    Click Here to View Real Template

    Video Squeeze Page Template #2
    Click Here to View Real Template

    Bonus #8 Pre-Loaded Resell Rights Products Database value: $997


    Imagine for a second you did start a resell rights Business, so you went out and bought yourself a Membership Site Script to manage your members and digital products etc.

    Well in all truth the work & fun starts there as you will have to spend plenty of time adding product after product to your members downloads area for weeks on end to give your website a little substance and some worthy value and credibility.

    But don't fear I have good news! With the the Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit SUPER BONUS for Members only you will get our complete product database installed for you!


    view all our products at

    This is an optional Service we will give you to help you get started as an reseller of our digital products.

    All the products listed on our website total 70+ High Quality Reviewed, Checked & Tested Resell Rights Products will be uploaded to your server by our website assistant giving you more power and time to do what is most important to you.

    And most importantly get your Business up and running as soon as possible!

    So How Much is this System worth & how do you value it?

    It is a fair question and I am sure many will have their own perceived value but the reality is that the value of these products and of this system will grow as you begin to understand the real turnkey value it has and how it can have a positive turn around for Home Business starters.

    Retail Value Review

    Retail Value
    High Quality Internet Marketing Training & Software Products $577
    High Quality Turnkey Bonuses + Sales Page $2378
    Outsourced Costs (Membership Site Script Pro) $2997
    Complete Package $5,952

    If you are looking for a way to build a profitable online business that can generate cash 24/7 starting today then this package is for you!

    5,952 is the Grand total retail value of everything combined in this package.

    So don't be thinking I want to charge you this amount.

    Anyway I created this system to be with in reach of the average Home Business start up budget.

    so if you purchase today you can be one of the first to get

    The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit






    Why is this package Selling at this price?

    I have to make sure you understand, that after looking at every pricing strategy to try and fit the Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit under and after thousands of dollars spent and months of work and preparation I realized that if I release the Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit to cheap there could be some pretty bad consequences.

    If I was to make this a $47 dollar Product many people will jump at the opportunity and in a few months people will be harshly competing against each other and having to adjust the prices lower and lower and lower until at the end of the day The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit would be worth $2-$17 considering the amount of Low Pricing Marketers that would purchase.

    So After 14 Months of putting together this system and as much as it may hurt some people that want to buy it right now, I have no choice but to sell at this price because of the real life value it contains. And for those that can't afford it just yet they can simply join as an free affiliate promoter in the mean time so they can start earning commissions for referred sales as an free affiliate partner. So in the end everyone wins.

    You Must Act Now!!

    Since the release of The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit the price has gone up!!! why?? Because of the constant added value we are adding to it. Purchase today at this limited time offer price and you receive free updates for life.

    Thats correct! all the latest updates including products, membership script updates and more are all yours for life. We are always looking for ways to improve The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit, we want to be the first choice for Home Business Starters so for this reason we are constantly adding real turnkey value to it!!

    We cannot guarantee that The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit will be available to you at this fair price in future, but we do guarantee that your future updates are guaranteed to you as they are made available.

    You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In
    The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit

    The Complete Package Overview

    Exactly What You Are Getting and what You can do with it!

           tick Optional full installation of The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit for you

           tick Modify the sales page how you like

           tick Step by Step beginner friendly ebook Installation Guide with detailed picture (even if your an absolute beginner)

           tick Save countless hours work and from trying to figure things out on your own

           tick Start your Business very quickly

           tick No experience required

           tick Unlimited earning potential

           tick Ongoing email and technical support

           tick A turnkey sales page & powerful membership software

           tick High Quality Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights products worth $577

           tick Our Skype ID and phone number for live chat support through SMS

           tick Instant access to downloads after secure payment through Paypal

           tick Save 1000's of dollars from creating the system yourself

           tick Turnkey bonuses worth $2378

           tick Master Resell Rights to The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit system


    It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

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    There are three types of people that will read this sales page, those that say:

    • It's to hard, I can't
    • I could have, I should have, I would have
    • And those that say "I can do it, I will do it!"
    Which type of person are you?

    Don't you owe it to yourself to try

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    P.S. Don't forget you will get instant unlimited access to the membership downloads area 24/7 to get your Business started in just Hours from now!

    P.P.S Just like when you buy a vehicle or a Business you have to invest money, with this vehicle or Business however you will be able to sell it unlimited times at zero reproduction cost, "Imagine the possibilities!"

    P.P.P.S This product has been strategically priced to save you the Resell Rights Marketer from low ball price wars with everyday Marketers wanting to purchase it to sell cheaper, which in turn would ultimately bring the Market value of The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit very low bringing the prices down so secure your spot today and reap in the benefits!