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Kindle Ebook Generator Software Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $1.00 $0.90

With the Kindle ebook creator Software you can build your own kindle formatted ebook upto 7 chapters long using the easy to use software interface. Make yourself known and publish your own professional kindle ebook! Enjoy!

Quik QR Code Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $1.70 $1.53

With the Quick QR Code Software you can create your very own QR Code in less than 1 minute flat using the step by step wizard.

Quik Mobi Resell-Rights-Software


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Price: $7.00 $6.30

Create professional mobile friendly websites in a few clicks using the Quik Mobi desktop software The software will create for you html templates that are 100% Mobile friendly and easy to navigate. Enjoy!

MRR Software Products Package Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $10.70 $9.63

High Quality Master Resell Rights Software bundle. This is Excellent Software to use and Resellincluded are: FTP Upload (File Tranfer Protocol) Software, Quik QR Code Generator Software, Kindle Ebook Generator, Colapsable Content Area Generator, Copy Pro (Salesletter Creator Software), Turbo Video Genie and more!

Turbo Video Genie Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $3.47 $3.12

With Turbo Video Genie You can create amazing video articles in just minutes, It uses text to speech capability and has image fetching features to save you loads of time importing images into your video, it does male and female voice overs and exports video into 3 different formats: flv, .mp4, .avi. Enjoy!

Social Media Marketing Manager Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $2.70 $2.43

With Social Media Marketing Manager videos you will learn how to become Business's Social Media Marketing Manager in Just a few hours. This Video series goes through step by step how you can gain clients and get paid for marketing their Social Media Accounts to their subscribers. Get this video series today and start your career as a social media Marketing Manager and reach your financial goals. This series comes with PLR (Private Label Rights)

IPC Audio Wizard Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $2.47 $2.22

The IPC Audio Software will help you to  easily put  existing or self recorded audio clip on page's of your website for much better  marketing and customer attention. With the simple to use Windows desktop IPC Audio software you can literaly catapolt your marketing efforts and results through the roof.

Leave welcome or reminder message's to your customers and give them a sense of trust by hearing who you are and what amazing offers you are offering them. Purchase your copy of IPC Audio Wizard today and start promoting your website Buisiness like the gurus do!

Legal Pages Generator Resell-Rights-Software


Price: $1.70 $1.53

With the awesome Legal Pages Generator Software you can easily go through the simple steps for making your websites Legal documents in under a minute. The Legal Pages Generator Software  has a Step by Step wizard that helps you enter your details and shortly after you will have 5 disclaimer pages created saving you time money and security knowing that your website is may not legaly displayed for customers and search engines. The Legal pages Generator Software creates these pages:

  • Website Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Copyright Notice

So save your time, money and worries and get yourself a copy of the amazing Legal Pages Generator today! Enjoy!

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